What is the best beauty salon in Watford?

If you are looking for beauty salon near you in the Watford area then you are highly recommended to visit create your beauty. This is a beauty salon with a hybrid of services with treatments such as flotation therapy offering something otherwise unavailable in the area.

Deep tissue massage in Watford

For those suffering from deep muscular aches accompanied by muscle stiffness induced by either exercise, injury or bad posture habits. If you are an individual seeking treatment whether it be for rehabilitation or relaxation purposes our deep tissue massage service will offer you release.

A popular type of massage therapy often associated with sports application, deep tissue massage uses high levels of applied pressure to help release deeper layers of muscle fibres as well as the facia which is the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles.

The different types of application for this treatment are below:

Common Sports injuries
Chronic muscular aches and pains
Neck, back and shoulder pains
Tight hamstrings / calf muscles
Muscular aches and pains
Pain treatment
Lower Back / Hip Stiffness

A deep tissue massage can be found in Watford here: https://createyourbeauty.co.uk/treatment/deep-tissue-massage/

We would like to introduce you to Create Your Beauty… A beauty salon with a difference.

We are passionate about feeling good and how this can affect health and wellbeing. We see our salon as a place where beauty, health and wellbeing can be created and combined.

We strongly believe in the benefits of alternative therapies and a holistic approach to wellbeing, including beauty, relaxation and positive energy.

This belief and passion has helped shape our salon. We celebrate difference, individuality and creativity and want our clients to be able to create their own beauty or wellbeing experience with us. Beauty is a concept that is unique to each individual. We have no set ideas about what beauty is or “should be” and believe everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. We want to help you find your beauty. How we perceive ourselves is tantamount to our inner wellbeing. We want to offer our clients the opportunity to create their beauty, to relax and recuperate, to look after their inner and outer selves.

Once that feeling of beauty and wellbeing has been created, we can also offer you the opportunity to capture that feeling, by photographing you in a creative way (boudoir, body paint, fashion, portrait etc.). We are passionate about what we do. We know what we enjoy and benefit from and want to share that experience with our clients.